Our Approach

Sandshaped is a family-run business, and just like you, we care deeply for our environment. In 2018, we began our journey towards sustainability. Every season we use new sustainable processes.
We use ECONYL™, a 100% regenerative nylon made from abandoned fishing nets and nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world. These fabrications, used mainly in swimwear products, are made in Italy and are of the highest quality. All other fabrics we use are sourced with the environment and our health in mind.
Due to trade regulations, we are required to ship all garments in bags. All of our packaging is currently either recyclable or produced of recycled polyethylene. We are eagerly working on making 100% of our packing plant-based and compostable.
We understand no two bodies are alike, and therefore we work to create flattering garments for women of all sizes. All Sandshaped pieces can be size-selected individually and are designed to suit you.