Our Approach


At Sandshaped, we care profoundly for our environment and community. Sandshaped itself as a brand has its origins in nature, founded along the Aegean coastline in Turkey and termed after the most essential element that signals summer. Piece by piece, we are working vigorously to offer you beautiful pieces that are as sustainable as they are beautiful. Our approach is to produce consciously, involving a constant consideration for nature, and to grow with sustainability, circularity, inclusivity and transparency.



Sandshaped is a family-run business, and just like you, we care deeply for our environment. In 2018, we began our journey towards sustainability. Every season we use new sustainable processes.

Our swimwear styles are made from ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the earth, such as fish nets, fabric scrapings and carpet flooring. Regular nylon is made from non-renewable petroleum oil which is a major giver to global warming. By using ECONYL® regenerated nylon, we give discarded nylon a new chance, reducing the global warming effect of nylon by up to 90% as opposed to material made from oil.

ECOVERO™ viscose fibers are derived from wood pulp sourced from FSC or PEFC certified sustainable sources. This innovative fabric is certified eco-responsible with the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel, a stamp of environmental excellence only awarded to products which have a significantly lower environmental impact. Almost all the chemicals used during production are recovered and reused. Compared to conventional viscose, the production of ECOVERO™ causes 50% less emissions and uses half as much energy and water.

All other fabrics we use are sourced with the environment and our health in mind.



Due to trade regulations, we are required to ship all garments in bags. Bearing in mind the “exterior” as much as the inside, we use biodegradable and recycled packaging all over our supply chain. Your Sandshaped pieces will be dotingly wrapped in our mailer bags that are biodegradable. They are designed to be re-used, but at the end of their useful life can be recycled with soft plastics and are otherwise inert in nature.



As we slowly move down this path to sustainability, we recognize there are still many steps to take ahead of us. We are aware how far we have come, and know how far we have to go. We believe in modesty and progress, not perfection or greenwashing, because we know real transformation takes time. We see our drive towards sustainability as a real conversation with our suppliers, retailers, and customers.